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Remkes Food Products is a reliable producer of a wide assortment of processed chicken products.

By producing the products under our own label, we can fully guarantee the origins of the ingredients used. You can see a list of our most widely sold items below.

Fresh Stewing Chickens

As a specialist in this field, Remkes supplies a wide range of stewing chickens, weighing from 1 to 3 kilos Individual parts are also available in a variety of packaging options.

Cooked Stewing Chickens

Remkes prefers to cook the chicken slowly and then process it into products, thereby retaining the distinctive flavour of the meat. Depending on your needs, we can supply the chicken fillets whole, in cubes or strips, or shredded.

Grilled Products

Remkes supplies a wide range of grilled products. After the meat is cooked, it can be grilled or fried. The grilled products are available in a variety of cuts and packaging styles.

Breaded Products

The range of breaded products is quite extensive and there are many options available in terms of type of meat and breading.

Fresh Chicken Meat

Remkes Food Products supplies the wide  range of fresh chicken products: fillets, wings, thighs and drumsticks. These products can be delivered either fresh or frozen.